Planned Breedings


Unfortunately, we do not have any breeding plans for the near future. There might be future breedings of Yoshka, Coltrane or Eros, so you might want to check the page again later.

Originally we had planned to have a second breeding of Demia with Yoshka in August of 2007. Just before it was time we got the news that Annie from the first litter did not pass her Thyroid test. While Annie is not showing any obvious symptoms of Hypothyroidism and it is an easily treatable disease, we decided not to repeat the breeding. Demia has a litter mate with Hypothyroidism and it is an heritable disease. We thought with Yoshka having passed a Thyroid test with 9.5 yrs old and at that point no known family history of Hypothyroidism it was unlikely to come through. Not so...

Suddenly there was no good prospect of a breeding in the near future. Demia is getting too old and it is hard to find a known non-carrier of Hypothyroidism and we would not want to breed Annie for sure (even though the LCA breeding regulations do allow it). We had already excluded Gusta from the breeding plans because of her high energy and somewhat insecure behavior in new situations. So there will be no litters of ex Horto Leonis puppies in the near future, only possible breedings of litters sired by Yoshka, Coltrane, or Eros. I will make sure to post them.