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The left menu lists different photo albums where I posted my best Leonberger pictures. Next to walking, playing and working with dogs, I love taking pictures of them best. Looking back at puppy pictures of Yoshka it is pretty clear that I was not born a great photographer. Over the years, with the help of friends, books and losts of experience, I have gotten better and better. There are two essential components to work on - the technical side of photography and the training of your dog.  Most pictures I have taken of Yoshka and many other dogs, I took by myself.  That is only possible if the dogs know basic commands and will stay in the place I assigned them and in the position I put them.  If you have someone else to help who is good in handling dogs and puppies without stressing them, you might be able to get good pictures of untrained dogs/puppies – but it is sooo much easier with trained dogs.

I wrote a list of tips for taking good pictures of dogs that was published in the LeoLetter. If you are interested, you can download a pdf file here. I have also taken pictures of non Leonberger dogs and posted the best on a separate misc dog gallery.